Photos of Happiness | a personal project


Amidst all the doom and gloom of daily life, there are so many little things that can brighten the day and bring light to any dark!  I decided instead of a ‘365’ project, to do a ‘Happiness’ project.  We need more happiness, more colour, more light, more joy and more love in the world… These photos are a series of what makes me happy – the simple pleasures that bring a smile to my face!

I love flowers and bright colours!

I love Depth of Field (a photography thing)!

I love black & white photos – especially with this girly in them!

I love the start of spring!

I love eyes – especially these ones!

I love Appletiser!

I love cat paws!

I LOVE my cats! (this is Isis)

I LOVE how my girls love each other!

I love Ferrero Rocher (I’m not usually a chocolate fan, but this is one choc I do like)!

I love fruit!

I love mountains – especially in Cape Town!

I love nature!

I love coffee….probably too much!

I love potted plants!

I love Jazz!

I love childhood magic – fairies & toadstools!

I love cherubs!

I love children’s books, especially reading them to my girls!

I still love the Smurfs!

I love baby feet!

I love exploring!

I love greenery!

I REALLY love these eyes!

I love the innocence of children!

I love eyelashes!

I love bubbles!

I love flowers – did I say that already?

I love candles!

I love watching my Shanny’s ballet class!

I LOVE old buildings – especially stone!

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